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Clock Work Performed in the House:

I. Electronic Instrument Evaluation: I use the most advanced electronic assessment instrument to give input concerning otherwise hidden faults affecting your clock.

II. Mechanical Condition Evaluation: The condition of the following things are checked: weights, cables, chains, suspension spring, mainsprings, pendulum leader, chime and strike control mechanisms, hammers, verge, wear on pivot holes, and dirt.

III. Lubrication/Repairs: I will spend typically an hour to 1-1/4 hours going over your clock from bottom to top to determine its present condition and faults and to make repairs. Manufacturers recommend oiling your clock every 3 years. Few people do this. Consequently, all clocks receive a spot cleaning and 40 point oiling. Adjustments and minor repairs are made right in your home.

Clock Work Performed in our Shop:

When a overhaul is needed, the work usually involves re-machining worn metal parts on a jeweler's lathe and inserting bushings in worn areas. The time-tested way to do this is to use brass or bronze bushings (or sleeves) to redress the holes in the end plates. In the business, this type of repair usually has a 1 year warrranty. We extend our warranty to 2 YEARS.

At JIM's Mobile Clock Repair, we prefer to use the most advanced technology and materials available - hardened steel BEARINGS*. These bearings reduce friction and subsequent metal wear astronomically! For this reason we can offer a 5 YEAR WARRANTY on work performed (This option is available only if the design permits.) (* We use the trademarked ButterBearing System of Butterworth Clocks, Inc.)

New Replacement Clock Movements:

The expected lifetime of a clock movement (or "works") is 30 to 40 years (some fail around 20 without proper care).  Often a new replacement movement is available for only a little more money than an overhaul.  The new movement (if available for your clock) may be your best economic choice over the long haul.  We will discuss those options, if applicable, during the house call.  All new movements are tested out thoroughly in our shop before installing into your clock on a return visit.  New movements have a 2 year manufacturer's warranty, but are expected to last for decades with the proper cleaning and oiling.

Watch Repair in our Shop:

Most people have forgotten that wind-up watches always need to be cleaned and oiled every 2 or 3 years, and mainsprings need to be changed from time to time. This is still the bulk of the need for antique wind-up watches. We perform these proven services on your watch. If crystals, crowns, stems, etc. are needed, we do this too. For more information, Click here for our Ship-it Service.


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